Custom Orders: Closed
Premades 99 + 100

I have uploaded new preview links for both 99 and 100. I have also added edits to the themes, re-uploaded and sent out download links to those who have purchased it before.

All sellfy users can find them here and here. All users on Designs by KaciElizabeth store, can find them here and here. I also added the 101 premade set the store had been missing before.

If you run into any errors, send them in.

And as a side note, things on the store have been changed. Mostly the navigation but there are still the sorting options. Just in a drop down menu. If you have any issues with the menu or finding specific things, contact me. Icon Archive 14, has been added. We also have this new nifty little updates area for those who want to check it from time to time.