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Change Coppermine Password via phpmyadmin

This is the short, sweet and quick version. This is for OLDER versions of Coppermine, all versions before 1.6. For 1.6 please visit this post.

1. Sign into cpanel (which you can do via the client section here(on or via the regular /cpanel url)
2. Click on phpmyadmin
3. Find the username(what you use to sign in to your cpanel with), to the right and click the little ‘x’ to expand the databases.
4. Click on the database you use for your coppermine.
5. Click on the _users table (should have something before the _, whatever you chose to title the tables)
6. Find your username or the user under group_id 1(which is the administrator group id)
7. Click ‘Edit’ which is beside of a pencil next to this username
8. Find ‘user_password’, in the drop down menu select MD5 and type in any password you want to set it as in the text field beside the dropdown.
9. Scroll down until you see a new set of two dropdown menus. One says save and the other should say ‘Go back to previous page’. Below those two is a button that says ‘Go’. Click that ‘Go’ button.
10. Sign in with the new password you set.
11. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.