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How I Move Sites

Using the backup tutorial first: how i backup sites

Then onto the fun stuff. /sarcasm

You’ve created your new account on your new host. Now with the previous tutorial in mind, we’re going to make sure it works on the new host. It’s best if you have a separate domain or a temporary link you can visit while doing this to make sure everything is uploaded correctly. DO NOT delete anything on your old host until you are positive all of your files work on the new one.

1. Sign into your site via ftp.
2. Upload everything you had downloaded onto your site into the public_html section.
3. Make sure everything uploaded correctly and in the exact same structure as you had on your old site.
4. Sign into cpanel.
5. Click MySQL Databases
6. Create a database and user for every database/user you had on your old host.
7. Add the users to the databases with all correct permissions.
8. Go to PHPMyAdmin
9. Click on database.
10. Click import, click browse, select the one you want to import, and then click go. it might take a bit to upload if it’s big
11. Do the same steps for ALL of the databases you have.
12. Open File Manager
13. Go into your public_html
14. unzip any zips if you have them. Make sure they are all okay.
15. Open the config files to any and all scripts (wp is wp-config.php located in the directory with your wp files / cpg is which is located in the include folder)
16. Edit the config file with your new database title, user and passwords
17. Save
18. You’re all done. If everything is working correctly on your end, you can now move away from that pesky host you hate. YAY!

If you have to change the domains to anything, you can do so via phpmyadmin.

WP: URL is located in WP_Options table in phpmyadmin. You can search http if needed.

CPG you just sign into to change the url:
Go to the new URL in your browser’s address bar
Log in as admin if you’re not already logged in
Go to Coppermine’s config panel
Expand “General settings”
Enter the new URL into the field “URL of your coppermine gallery folder”
Scroll to the bottom of the config panel
Save your changes by submitting the form using the corresponding button at the bottom of the page

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