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Manually Install WordPress

Hi! I’m here with a manual installation tutorial. It’s really short and to the point, so here we go.

  • 1. Download the latest ZIP of wordpress at:
  • 2. Unzip it all on your computer to check to make sure the zip doesn’t have any errors. Inside of the folder should look like this
  • 3. Upload ALL files for wordpress onto your server via ftp. (you can also zip the files INSIDE of the folder like the cap I linked to and upload via cpanel, then unzip – if that is better) You can upload it to news/wp/wordpress or just public_html, the directory is up to you.
  • 4. Sign into cpanel and click on MySQL® Databases
  • 5. Create a database [ see here ]
  • 6. Create a user / set the password (make sure to copy the password down for future reference) [ see here ]
  • 7. Add User To Database: [ see here ] / set permissions for ALL. [ see here ]
  • 8. Now navigate to wherever you installed your wordpress. or if a subdomain
  • 9. Select your language, this is what wordpress will be shown in. [ see here ]
  • 10. Click let’s go on the next page. [ see here ]
  • 11. Fill in all of your database info: [ see here ] – click submit
  • 12. If all went well, you’ll see this image: [ see here ] – Click run installation
  • 13. Now it’s up to you to fill out the next, here’s mine: [ see here ]
  • 14. You can now log in! [ see here ]

You did a great job! Give yourself a pat on the back or a cookie <3 If you have any questions, ask below. 🙂

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