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Coppermine: File Move Tutorial

Recently I sent out a tweet to ask what webmasters might need tutorials for, this tutorial was included among the requested. I hope it helps!

Note: Please create the folder that you will want to move the file(s) into before starting this tutorial.

Warning: If you move too many files or files that are too large for your server to handle, you will run into errors.

  • 1. Download the File Move plugin ( this is v1.3)
  • 2. Upload and extract into your coppermine’s plugin folder [ see here ]
  • 3. Log in to your coppermine gallery
  • 4. Click Plugin Manager
  • 5. Beside of “File Move”, click the icon.
  • 6. Now that it is installed, go to the main page of your gallery
  • 7. Click the “File Move” link in your gallery navigation
  • 8. Find the folder where the file is located that you want to move
  • 9. Click “Move Some” (remember if you move too many and the server times out you will run into errors)
  • 10. Once in, check the file(s) you want to move [ see here ]
  • 11. When done click “valid”
  • 12. Now choose where you want the images to go. For me I chose “filemove” folder. [ see here ]
  • 13. Now you should see a success message. [ see here ]

If you ran into a server time out or error and now your thumbnails and files aren’t showing
No worries! You’ll need to manually locate (use cpanel for this) the files/thumbnails that were moved (usually in the folder you intended for them to go) and then move them back to the original place. Just move a little at a time if you’ve run into this more than twice.


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