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Rename Files In Coppermine

I received a request to make a tutorial on renaming files in coppermine photo gallery. In this tutorial I will include two different ways to do this. Please choose only one way that works for you. Though all are a process, especially if you’ll have over 100+ images to edit in one album. I would suggest just losing the views and reuploading if you have 100+.

Option One

  • 1. Log in to your coppermine gallery
  • 2. Locate the image you want to rename
  • 3. Click on the Edit File Information link [see here]
  • 4. Type in your desired file name [see here]
  • 5. Click “Apply Changes” [see here]
  • 6. You’re done! That’s it! Do steps 2-4 as many times as needed.

Option Two

  • 1. Log in to your cpanel or ftp program
  • 2. Locate the folder that contains the files you want to rename
  • 3. Delete the thumbnail and normal files. [ see here ]
  • 4. Rename each original file file, don’t panic, you’ve got this! [ see here ] – You can alternatively download the original files, rename on your computer and then reupload.
  • 5. Your album should now look something like this [ see here ]
  • 6. Now go to your PHPMyadmin area [ see here ]
  • 7. Click on your coppermine database
  • 8. Click the “browse” link on your _pictures table [ see here ]
  • 9. Navigate to the “Search” tab [ see here ]
  • 10. We are searching in the “file path” field, so I put in the path to my folder which is “test/02/” [ see here ] (hit enter or go)
  • 11. It should bring up a list of all of the files that were originally in your folder. All file names are not the ones you renamed them to. [ see here ]
  • 12. Now you can double click the file names and input what you renamed them to. Then hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard. [ see video clip here ]
  • *Note: When renaming, you can see the PID right next to the images. This will help you locate which image it is that you are renaming if the original file name doesn’t help. To sort in order of PID, just click on the PID table title in the database. [ see video clip here ] PID is picture ID. This is the number of photo it is in your gallery. If you sort by PID, then you will have the images in correct order of which were added first and which were added last.
  • 13. Next you need to bring back the thumbnails and normal files.
  • 14. Log in to your coppermine gallery
  • 15. Click on “Admin Tools” [ see here ]
  • 16. Select ‘Update thumbs and/or resized photos’, click the “Both thumbnails and resized pictures” option and choose your album in the dropdown menu. [ see here ]
  • 17. Click ‘submit’ and wait for them to complete
  • 18. Once finished (should show a green success message), you can go back to your main page.
  • 19. You can look at the album now and everything should be showing up! Good job! [ see here ]

And that’s it! Please choose one of the above to go about renaming your files. Thanks for visiting!

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