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I am now accepting tutoring lessons (website/code related) which will be given over discord using share screen and voice. They will be in hour long lessons. If what you want to learn does not complete in the first lesson, we will need to spread it out through a few lessons.

The Process:


Pricing is firm at $10 for an hour lesson. Most inexperienced tutor rates go from $25-$35 an hour. I am under pricing to help be affordable in case of additional lessons needed and since I have never tutored anyone before regardless of my 10+ years of knowledge in the coding/website field – I am classing myself at beginner level until I complete at least a few successful lessons.

For any questions or concerns as well to place an order, please contact on twitter or by email. If by email title “Tutoring Question” or “Tutoring Purchase” depending on what you are sending. Thank you!