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Custom Orders
This page is currently undergoing maintenance.
If you would like to place an order, please send me a message thorugh email.

All prices are below:
$15.00 USD Custom WordPress Theme

$8.00 USD Custom Coppermine Theme

$23.00 USD Custom WP Media Theme

$13.50 USD Fit WPMedia To Already Made Theme

$10.00 USD Custom Icon Archive Theme

$10.00 USD Custom Fanlisting Theme (installation is +$8)

CONTACT Multimedia (icons, gifs, etc)

$4.50 Custom Header Graphic

$14.50+ USD One Page Style Theme (wp/html)

$22.00 USD Matching WP/CPG Theme

CONTACT (hourly) Video Coding Tutorial (your choice of lesson)

$2.50 USD Custom Graphic (banner/social media/etc)

$12.00 USD Merge (2-3) WP Archive(media, press, career) into one WP installation

$85.00+ USD Professional WordPress Theme (for business/etc | incudes multiple templates, multiple menus, etc)

$5.00+ USD (1)Wordpress/Theme/Website Help (price depends on time it takes to fix – themes are for ones that are not mine. I offer support for my themes for free.)

$5.00 USD (1) Website Virus Cleaning/Script Manual Upgrades/Installations/ETC Price can be discussed for more than one site/script/etc or monthly monitoring)

Accepting Orders For: Career Pages (contact for price – usually 0.50 per page), Career Page Template (contact), as well as other site building projects like press archives and more.

Flyers/Marketing Material/Logos/Other Professional Graphics: can also be ordered but price will be discussed upon description of graphic and graphic use as well as the size of the graphic.