WPArchive – Premade #2
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Introducing a new way to do ‘Press Archives’. This theme includes custom fields (see here) that you can fill in to include all of the information needed to make an informative and detailed press archive for your sites/fansites.

Included is the theme, txt files (templates of the pages made on example), plugins, a read me file with detailed information on how to work with WPArchive, and the ‘no-image’ file for the custom thumbnail plugin to fall back to in case your article doesn’t have an image. Also a txt file to get your latest articles to show up automatically like http://jimmisimpsonfan.com/press/ has.

This product is able to fit your needs. Should you decide to build the archive in posts — there are templates for that. Should you decide to use pages — there are templates for that as well.



  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Custom fields
  • View counter (also option to hide it in the ‘customize’ section
  • Customize Options (color change, add header, hide PressArchive text area, hide view counter, edit footer and PressArchive title as well as slogan.) hide,show latest articles or welcome message
  • Custom templates for press articles on posts and pages (for whichever you should choose to use), a full-width template for pages and a static page template.
  • Two sidebar options. Sidebar 1 is for the default template (what they see when they search or click tags or categories) Sidebar 2 is for article templates.

Any other questions or concerns, contact me here on twitter or via email.

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