I have been offering web design services since 2009. I have used many design names in the past, all of which have been retired to a more central name, which happens to be my very own first and middle. Most people will know my designs under the ‘Cherry Wine Designs’. All premades had first been sold through sellfy — this store will be acting as the primary service in which to purchase designs/etc from me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently accepting custom orders? With the allotted free time that I currently have, it is difficult to accept custom orders. However, you are welcome to contact me to ask if I can.

Can I get a header edit? PSDs come with most premades and if asked at a moment when I have some free time on my hands, possibly. It’s always best to contact me beforehand to request header edits.

Can I edit the premade however I like? Colors, header, coding. Yes. You can edit any premade you purchase in any way that you would like to edit it.

Your theme is messed up. I added a widget and now it’s not looking right. Check to make sure (for premade 1+) that each widget has a title. Sometimes with newer themes they do not need titles, but if you have added a widget and now the theme is messed up, it will need a title.

Something is wrong with the theme when I install it. The sidebar doesn’t show up. Make sure you have installed the navigation plugin “WP Pagenavi“.

I have installed one of your coppermine gallery themes but the theme isn’t loading. Make sure that the paths to the stylesheets are correct in the template.html

For some reason the menu on the theme is not working right. Each theme (after 2016 updates) feature the wp menu. You will need to look under the “Appearance” tab, then click on ‘Menus’ once signed into your wordpress admin panel. You can add and edit the menu there. Make sure to check the box that says ‘Main Navigation Menu’ or ‘Primary Menu’.

Can I change your credit link? Yes. You can edit my credit link to say anything that fits your site better. Just saying ‘credit’ or ‘theme base by KE’ ‘premade by Kaci’. As long as the credit link is in the footer, or sidebar and is linking to my premade, I’m not too picky about what it says as long as it’s in a form of credit and not slander, or anything around those lines.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them by using our contact form