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Alterations can be done to this theme via style.css. If you need help, please contact me. I give extensive support for all of my themes.

This comes with a PHP/CSS template, it includes BOTH DARK and LIGHT versions.

Colors can be changed, boxes will work with different sized images (example using both larger and smaller images).

With font awesome bundled you can link to the site, twitter or tumblr in the twitter link space or elsewhere. Feel free to add whatever text you want in either of the spaces shown.


  • PHP/CSS Template
  • Wrap text in < small > to fit longer names
  • Light + Dark Versions
  • Choose grayscale on any image by adding id=”gray” to the div
  • Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)
  • Font Awesome
  • Files included: Dark/Light folder that has these files: style.css, index.php, images folder (with images used on preview in the folder)
  • Terms of Use
    • You are allowed to use my themes on as many sites as you wish.
    • Edit the theme however you like.
    • Credit must stay where it is placed on the theme UNLESS you place a link back in the sidebar where you would usually place ‘designed by’.
    • Do not resell, redistribute or take credit for any of my themes (coding/graphics) as your own.
    • Do not ‘trade’ around my themes in return for anything. This falls under ‘redistributing’.
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