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I will monitor your site/sites.

Licenses last 1 month and DO NOT auto-renew, you will need to re-purchase if you want to renew.

If you decide to buy more than a months worth — let me know and I can do a custom price for you.

Any questions and concerns, please contact me

Additional Details
NOTE: Some viruses can be accessed through the hosts server by finding a backdoor, in this case–I will refer you to talk to your host about their security measures.
PLUGINS are the cause for most viruses. If I notice the virus coming back after fresh installs/etc — I will remove all plugins and place them in a “Quarantined” folder for you — zipped so that it cannot infect anything else.
You are responsible for site/database backups. This is not included in this service.
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Site Monitoring

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June 16, 2020

The user that makes the purchase is the only one authorized to use this product. It cannot be shared with others who have not purchased.

Terms Of Use (all products)
1. You (the user who purchased) are allowed to use my products on your sites.
2. Edit the product however you like.
3. Credit must stay where it is placed on the theme UNLESS you place a link back in the sidebar.
4. Do not resell, redistribute or take credit for any of my products as your own.
5. Do not ‘trade’ around my themes in return for anything. This falls under ‘redistributing’.