Wordpress + Coppermine

$15 USD Custom Wordpress Theme

A fully coded/designed wordpress theme

$8 USD Custom Coppermine Theme

A fully coded/designed coppermine theme

$23 USD Custom WP Media Theme

A fully coded/designed WP Media theme

$13 USD Fit WPMedia To Already Made Theme

WP Media functions added to your wordpress theme

$23 USD Matching WP+CPG Theme

Fully designed/coded WP+CPG theme

$43 USD 2 Matching WP+CPG Theme

2 Fully designed/coded WP+CPG theme

Enthusiast + Iconsort + PHP

$10 USD Custom Iconsort Theme

A fully coded/designed iconsort theme

$10 USD Custom Fanlisting or PHP Theme

A fully coded/designed enthusiast OR PHP theme


$4.50 USD Custom Header

A designed header PNG file

$3 USD Twitter Pack

Includes a header + icon

CONTACT Multimedia

Icons, gifs, etc

$3 USD CPG Category Icon Set

10 category icons for cpg. Any after 10 is 0.30/ea

$2.50 USD Custom Graphic

Any other graphic type

Coding Only

$11 USD Wordpress Theme

Coding only for a wordpress theme, no graphics

$5 USD Coppermine Theme

Coding only for a coppermine theme, no graphics

Other Services

$5+ USD (depending on difficulty) - only fits issues that take 30mins+ Virus Removal/Site/Help
$5 USD (per site) Site Monitoring