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Icon Sort Tutorial

Tutorial for the script Icon Sort

by Cherry Wine Designs — Posted in Tutorials on August 19th, 2014

I am using one of my premades as an example in this tutorial.

Step One:

Unzip your download of the icon sort theme. [See Image].

Step Two:

Inside of the folder select all and click to zip the contents. [See Image].

Step Three:

Sign into your cpanel. Click File Manager.

Step Four:

Create a directory that says iconarchive or whatever you want your icon archive to be under in the url. Choosing icon archive, my site will look like [See Image]

Step Five:

Upload the zip (step two) into the directory you created (step four). [See Image]

Step Six:

Click on the zip file, then click extract files. [See Image]

Step Seven:

It should look like this. You can upload the image if you want to by overwriting the Aly.jpg file in the /images folder or you can add your own by editing the sidebar.php file. Links can be edited in the sidebar.php file as well. The index.php file has the welcome message. And the header.php file has the title.

Step Eight:

Now, to upload icons you need to go into the categories folder /categories and delete the example folders inside. [See Image].

Step Nine:

Then you need to create your own folder. I have created one titled Television Series. [See Image]

Step Ten:

Now upload icons into the folders. [See Image]

Step Eleven:

Now it should look right. With your categories and your icons uploaded. Everytime you upload an icon into the category, the newest icons are placed before the oldest icons. Nifty little script, right?

Hope you enjoyed this!

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