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How I Backup Sites

This is a little tutorial, if you have any questions let me know! I’ve re-created these. The previous ones were a little less detailed, so hopefully these will be better.

First things first. The reasons why I don’t use
Cpanel Backup Feature – It sometimes fails or only succeeds in getting only a little. (bad internet connections ftw)
FTP Downloading – I had an issue with downloading via ftp once for a backup. Never used it again. BUT you can use ftp if you trust it and your connection enough.

Now onto the tutorial.

How I backup my sites.
1. Sign into your CPANEL.
2. Once in, go to PHPMyAdmin.
3. You’ll do the same with each database you need to back up, so just repeat the steps for backing up a database until you’re finished.
4. Click on one of the databases
5. Click export
6. Quick, SQL format, click go and it’ll start downloading.
7. Do steps 4-6 repeatedly until you have all of your databases (wp, gallery, videos, etc) downloaded.

7.5 If you download things via FTP; skip the following steps and just proceed to downloading your files via ftp. If you are doing it the cpanel way, continue on.

8. Now go into your file manager.
9. Go into Public_Html
10. Select all
11. CTRL+Click to de-select the gallery (it’s going to be big, so let’s just zip the crucial site stuff first)
12. Click compress
13. Wait for it to complete. (if you have a larger section that might take some while to complete zipping, feel free to zip in smaller sections.
14. Once down. Download.
15. After that has downloaded, check to make sure zip is not broken.
16. Now onto the gallery. Zip everything apart from the albums folder.
17. Download the zip you just made.
18. Check to make sure zip is not broken.
19. Now that we’re onto the albums, you’ll want to take your time zipping. If something takes too long, cut it into portions (IE instead of zipping appearances, go into that folder and zip year by year)
20. Download your zips.
21. Rearrange everything like how it would be on your sites server, in a folder.
22. Make sure all zips work and did not fail to finish.
23. You’re all done, congrats!

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