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Coppermine: Display Image Size Beneath Thumbnails

Recently I sent out a tweet to ask what webmasters might need tutorials for, this tutorial was included among the requested. I hope it helps! Please follow the steps closely below to add the dimensions of your images that you upload to coppermine gallery beneath the thumbnails. But first read the note.

Note: In this tutorial we are editing a core file in Coppermine. You will need to MAKE A BACKUP of the original file first. Keep in mind that since this is a core file that we are editing, you will need to re-edit the file after making coppermine updates.

  • 1. Sign into your cpanel
  • 2. Navigate to your gallery folder
  • 3. Open inside of your /include folder [ see here ]
  • 4. Find
    $rowset[$key]['caption_text'] = $caption;

    [ see here ]

  • 5. Then paste
    $caption .= "<span class=\"thumb_caption\">{$rowset[$key]['pwidth']} x {$rowset[$key]['pheight']}</span>";

    right above it. [ see here ]

  • 6. Click save
  • 7. Congratulate yourself!

Note: You can change the

<span class=\"thumb_caption\">

to anything you choose.

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