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Site monitoring and why it’s useful

Site monitoring is a service that I provide to webmasters after seeing some struggles throughout the community from webmasters who would get a virus and not know how to make it disappear for good. This would not only frustrate them but leave them with trying to figure it out after hosts would refuse to clear the virus out by suspending accounts until the webmaster could clean it properly. Why do they do this? Because if not cleaned as soon as possible, some viruses can get to other sites on the server.

Although website viruses/hacks range in difficulty level, there are quite a few that can cause some webmasters to start all over from scratch. This means losing crucial updates, views and in some cases content they’ve worked hard on for years. So where does site monitoring come into this and why is it useful?

Site monitoring by me is done on a weekly basis and paid monthly. The price is $5/per site and it includes site checks and a message of the site’s health weekly (coppermine script upgrades come free with site monitoring). While the monitoring is happening, if a virus or hack occurs — I clean it at no extra cost. This even includes the dreaded php hack that has caused many webmasters to seek out redoing their site completely. However, I do offer site cleaning on a case by case basis (price based on difficulty level)

How can you prevent this yourself? You should try to work in a schedule of checking on your site(s) every week, looking through files and folders as hacks/viruses can hide in both. Other than checking, you could try changing your passwords once a month and keeping all scripts up to date. Lessening the number of active plugins can also be of a great help as hacks find plugins to be like a backdoor to getting into your database/server. It also never hurts to make sure you do a virus scan on your computer as often as possible to rule out any infections from your devices.

I hope this has been of some use and perhaps you’ll be adding a schedule of checking in on your site(s) health often.