Premades 116 (WP+CPG)
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WordPress Demo Coppermine Demo

This bundle includes the wordpress theme with and without the customizer.

Customizer options for the basics (site title, slogan, etc). This includes a COLORS.CSS file to change the colors of the entire theme with ease (for the theme without the customizer). You can change the colors you see on the theme.


  • Each theme is responsive/mobile-friendly. Includes ‘color.css’ which is a quicker way to edit the premades colors.
  • One includes the customizer where you can change the site title, slogan, header, and colors you see on the theme. (not just accent colors)
  • LIKE POST feature on each post (not on pages)
  • Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)
  • WordPress menu (top level) *does not include dropdown option
  • Widget-ready Sidebar
  • Post/Page featured image
  • Font Awesome Bundled
  • CSS 3 Elements
  • Additional page template for a different sidebar than the one on the main page.
  • Breadcrumb on pages
  • Bootstrap Alert Boxes Bundled
  • Sticky Posts
  • Nested blockquotes
  • Please install this plugin for the bottom navigation to work

  • Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)
  • Includes ‘color.css’ which is a quicker way to edit the premades colors.
  • Includes < ! ----- guideline in template.html to help you remove/edit anything you might decide to remove/edit

Terms of Use
  • You are allowed to use my themes on as many sites as you wish.
  • Edit the theme however you like.
  • Credit must stay where it is placed on the theme UNLESS you place a link back in the sidebar where you would usually place ‘designed by’.
  • Do not resell, redistribute or take credit for any of my themes (coding/graphics) as your own.
  • Do not ‘trade’ around my themes in return for anything. This falls under ‘redistributing’.

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Premades 125 (WP+CPG)

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Purchase this product now and earn 167.00 – 333.00 Points!WordPress Demo Coppermine Demo One WordPress Theme, One Coppermine Gallery Theme. NO PLUGINS NEEDED. This theme comes with a customizer for color changing as well as other edits. There is a colors.css file for all colors on the theme in case you would prefer change it…