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This premade bundle includes 90+ premades. ONLY WordPress and Coppermine premades have been included. No other types of premades are included in this bundle.

Previews to the premades can be viewed like this:

WordPress: Click here
Then find KED-wp1 in the address bar and change that to KED-wp2, KED-wp3 and so on to view each premade from 1-100.
Coppermine: Click here
Then find KED-cpg2 in the address bar and change that to KED-cpg3, KED-cpg4 and so on to view each premade from 2-100 (premade 1 did not have a cpg).

WordPress Features are varied. These are premades that were created from 2014-2016. Most do not have WP’s Customizer.

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Premades 1-100

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March 19, 2016

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